100+  Lobelia Pendula Trailing  Cascade Red Flower Seeds- Very Beautiful----B332

100+ Lobelia Pendula Trailing Cascade Red Flower Seeds- Very Beautiful----B332

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100+ Lobelia Pendula Trailing Cascade Red Flower Seeds- Very Beautiful-B332


Lobelia Pendula seeds are very tiny, rather dust-like, but do not be scared, it is easy to sow and grow them. Actually one of the easiest annual flower and the rewards of the shiny flowers are really worth the try to grow these beauties in your garden. If you have hanging baskets around your house or shed, then in those you can grow the trailing varieties, like our cascade mix. The bush varieties mostly used in borders, smaller garden tubs or why not try your favourite biscuit’s tin to grow lobelia in.

Sowing: Sprinkle the lobelia seeds on the surface of a good seed compost and do not cover the tiny flower seeds with anything, the lobelia seeds need light to germinate. Gently firm the compost down after you sprinkled the seeds. Keep the seed trays, pots at a temperature of 18-24 Celsius. The germination can take 14-21 days. Sow the seeds from February onwards, generally about 7 weeks before you want to transplant the seedlings.

Placing the seeds into a polythene bag can aid germination by keeping these flower seeds warm and moist. Most flower seed can be germinated this way. Water the lobelia seeds always from the bottom, so the water will not disturb the small seeds. Transplanting: When the seedling are large enough to handle transplant them into medium sized pots, tubs, baskets in bunches of 5-10, it is really not an easy task to transplant all the little plants individually and there is no need to do that. Many gardeners just sow the seeds into the tubs they want to grow the flowers in and later just thin the seedlings as it is necessary. Gradually acclimatize the plants to outdoor conditions before planting them outside after all the risk of frost has passed in your area.

Season: Annual

Hardiness Zones: 3 - 9

Height: 4 - 5 inches Width: 6 inches

Bloom Season: Summer through fall

Growth Rate: Moderate

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Soil Type: Well-drained soil, pH 5.5 - 6.5

Deer Resistant: Yes

Temperature: 72F (22 C)

Germ Period: 14 - 21 days

Light Required: Yes

Depth: Press lightly into the soil but do not cover

Sowing Rate: Approximately 5000 lobelia seeds covers 100 square feet or 12 seeds per

plant Moisture: Keep soil slightly moist but not wet until seeds have germinated

Plant Spacing: 6 inches