100+ Organic Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds-Heirloom  Cabbage-Brassica Rapa--A079

100+ Organic Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds-Heirloom Cabbage-Brassica Rapa--A079

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100+ Golden Acre Organic Cabbage Seeds-Heirloom Cabbage-Brassica Rapa--A079


Golden Acre is an excellent early summer variety ball head cabbage. With small to medium-sized green, round solid heads on compact plants with few outer leaves. Ideal for confined areas, it can be grown at 30cm spacings and give excellent small heads of first rate quality and flavour. The heads are tightly folded, solid, 12 to 18cm (5 to 7 in) in diameter, round, grey-green in colour and weigh three to five pounds.

Golden Acre is an old heirloom variety, earliest references are in 1927 seed catalogues where they say… “A first early type This Danish variety is highly praised by all who have grown it.” By 1950 it was called... “The most popular variety for home and garden planting.” Matures in 64 days. It is not a long standing variety but is Yellows resistant

Prepare the site: All brassica crops grow best in partial-shade, in firm, fertile, free-draining soil. Start digging over your soil as soon as you can brave the elements. Remove any stones you find and work in plenty of well-rotted manure or compost. Tread on the soil to remove air pockets and to make the surface firm. Brassicas will fail if the soil is too acidic; add lime to the soil if necessary, aiming for a pH of 6.5 to 7.5.

Sowing: Sow successionally from February to July Nearly all brassicas should be planted in a seedbed or in modules under glass and then transferred. Seeds should be sown thinly, as this reduces the amount of future thinning necessary and potential risk from pests. Sow seeds 1.25cm (½in) deep and space 15 to 20cm (6 to 8in) between rows. Once the seeds have germinated, thin the seedlings to 7.5cm (3in) between each plant. After germination, seedlings will often be ‘leggy’, so plant them as deep as possible to really anchor them into the soil.

Growing: Cabbage seedlings are ready for transplanting when they are between 6 and 8cm high (2½ to 3in). Water the day before moving, and keep well-watered until established. Plant firmly, close together for small heads and wider apart for larger cabbages, around 30 to 45cm (12 to 18in) apart. Clear away any yellow leaves. Feed the plants as they near maturity with a foliar feed. Harvest: June to August (through to October) Earliest heads can be cut, leaving the stump in the ground to produce a second crop of small leafy heads.