20+ Four O Clock Flower Seeds-MIRABILIS JALAPA-B114
20+ Four O Clock Flower Seeds-MIRABILIS JALAPA-B114
20+ Four O Clock Flower Seeds-MIRABILIS JALAPA-B114

20+ Four O Clock Flower Seeds-MIRABILIS JALAPA-B114

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20+ Four O Clock Flower Seeds-MIRABILIS JALAPA-B114


Mirabilis jalapa, the marvel of Peru or four o'clock flower, is the most commonly grown ornamental species of Mirabilis plant, and is available in a range of colours. Mirabilis in Latin means wonderful and Jalapa is the state capital of Veracruz in México. Four o'clocks are bushy flowering perennial plants, a long-standing garden favorite often grown as an annual outside its hardiness range (zones 9 to 11). This tuberous-rooted plant produces opposite, slightly pointed oval leaves on multi-branching stems. It is an unusual plant, in that it may produce flowers of different colors on the same plant—including white, yellow, and a variety of pink, red, and magenta colors. Individual flowers may also feature a mixture of colors.

The plant can be expected to bloom from mid-summer all the way until frost. The 2-inch-long flowers have five petals and are trumpet-shaped; they typically bloom in the late afternoon, from about 4:00 to 8:00 pm, although on cloudy days they may not bloom at all. This quick-growing plant often sprawls in the garden. It is often used in mixed border gardens, or in containers on decks and patios.

Since four o'clocks bloom in the evening, plant them where you’re sure to see them and catch a whiff of their fragrance. Place pots on decks or plant along walkways and on the edges of seating areas. They mingle and grow through other plants nicely, making a nice underplanting. Hummingbirds will visit your garden because they are attracted to four o' clock's tubular flowers.

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa, Synonym: Mirabilis lindheimeri

Common Name: Four o'clock, marvel of Peru, umbrellawort

Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial

Mature Size: 2 to 3 feet in height, similar spread

Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Soil Type: Tolerates a wide range of soils Soil pH: 6 to 7 (neutral to slightly acidic)

Bloom Time: June through first frost Flower

Color: Pink, rose, red, magenta, yellow, white

Hardiness Zones: 9 to 11 (USDA)

Native Area: Peru

How to Grow Four O'Clocks:  Four o'clocks can be directly seeded into the garden, or planted from nursery seedlings or tubers. If planting from seeds, sow them in the garden 1/4 inch deep just before the last frost. Seedlings or tubers can be planted just after last frost. Plant them in just about any soil type, in a full sun to part shade location. Space them 1 to 2 feet apart. They are heavy feeders, so rich, humusy soil is best; expect to feed them regularly in less ideal soils. Keep four o'clocks moist. mulch around the plants, to keep the soil moist and the plants blooming. Feeding with an all-purpose fertilizer once a month will keep them blooming profusely.

After the plant is done blooming in fall, the tuberous roots can be dug up and stored for winter, then replanted the following spring. Light Four o' clocks thrive in full sun (6 hours per day) but will tolerate part shade, although the plants may be somewhat leggy in shady locations.

Soil : Any soil types will suffice, but rich, humusy soil is ideal. Prefers neutral to slightly acidic pH levels.

Water:  Do not let these plants dry out; water whenever the top 1 to 2 inches of soil becomes dry.

Temperature and Humidity:  Mirabilis jalapa is native to Peru, and it prefers warm but relatively dry air conditions, but moist soil.

Fertilizer : A monthly application of organic fertilizer will keep four o'clocks blooming vigorously. Less robust soils may require more frequent feeding.

Toxicity of Four O' Clocks:  The seeds of four o' clocks are poisonous if ingested.