50+Morning Glory Mixed Colors Flower Seeds-IPOMOAEA --B047
50+Morning Glory Mixed Colors Flower Seeds-IPOMOAEA --B047

50+Morning Glory Mixed Colors Flower Seeds-IPOMOAEA --B047

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50+ Morning Glory Mixed Colors Flower Seeds-IPOMOAEA -B047


Morning glory (Ipomoaea spp.) is a fast-growing vine with a profusion of flowers in summer. The flower has earned its name by opening early each morning and shriveling up by the heat of the afternoon. Morning glory flowers open with a shape like the end of a trumpet and are typically two to four inches in diameter.

Blue is the most common color, but pink, purple, red, and white varieties are available. The leaves are also quite attractive - they are deep green heart-shaped orbs about four to six inches in diameter. The vines grow quickly to 10 feet or more in summer though they are just as quickly decimated by freezing weather. In USDA zones 9 and 10 morning glories are grown as a perennial. In other zones, they often reseed themselves in the same place each year.

Morning Glory Flowers are Colorful, fast-growing climbers with fluted flowers and heart-shaped leaves Morning Glories are wonderful climbers, often growing as high as you let them! Train morning glories over a pergola or arch, or use as a dense groundcover. The vine grows quickly—up to 15 feet in one season—and can self-seed fairly easily, too. Therefore, choose where you put this plant wisely! Remember to soak seeds in warm water before planting to speed up the germination process. All of the seeds we carry are non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free and guaranteed to grow.

Morning glories are annual climbers with slender stems, heart-shaped leaves, and trumpet-shaped flowers of pink, purple-blue, magenta, or white. They have beautifully-shaped blooms that unfurl in the sun and romantic tendrils that lend old-fashioned charm. Morning glories are drought-tolerant and bloom from early summer to the first frost. Their big, fragrant, colorful flowers are known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Note: Morning glory seeds are poisonous, especially in large quantities. Keep them out of reach of children and pets

PLANTING MORNING GLORIES • Grow morning glories in a sunny site. They need a lot of sun to bloom their best! • Plant in moderately fertile, well-drained soil. • Choose a site that is sheltered from cold or drying winds. • Sow morning glory seeds early in the season once the ground has warmed to 64°F (18°C). • Germination rates are improved by filing down the seeds just long enough to break the coat, then soaking them for 24 hours before planting. This encourages them to send out a root. (They look like little worms.) • Cover lightly with ¼-inch of soil. Space about 6 inches apart. Water thoroughly at planting.

GROWING MORNING GLORIES • Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer after planting. Do not over fertilize, or the vine may grow more foliage than flowers. • Support climbers and trailing species with structures like trellises, pergolas, or arches. • Morning glories are low-maintenance; just be sure to water during dry periods. • Mulch to retain moisture and avoid weeds. • If you don’t want the plant to reseed itself, be sure to snip off old flowers before they turn into seedpods.