100+ Cleome  Pink Queen Flower seeds- Spider Flower- CLEOME HASSLERIANA---B101

100+ Cleome Pink Queen Flower seeds- Spider Flower- CLEOME HASSLERIANA---B101

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100+ Cleome Pink Queen Flower seeds- Spider Flower- CLEOME HASSLERIANA---B101


Cleome hassleriana, commonly known as spider flower, spider plant, pink queen, or Grandfather's Whiskers, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Cleome of the family Cleomaceae, native to southern South America in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southeast Brazil .

Scientific name: Cleome hassleriana

It is a simple and rewarding garden adventure. Planting cleomes is often necessary only once, as this attractive annual flower re-seeds prolifically and returns year after year. Seed pods may be removed before bursting for use in planting cleomes in other areas of the flower bed and garden.

How to Grow Cleome : Growing cleomes is most easily done by planting seeds in the chosen location. Most any location is appropriate as cleomes will grow and produce the cleome “spider” flower in full sun to part shade locations and do not need any particular type of soil, other than well draining. Seeds may be started inside; however, a complicated schedule of lighting, temperature fluctuation and bottom heat is required for indoor germination and is usually not worth the effort of the regular gardener. Be aware as well that older cleome plant cultivars are sometimes difficult to transplant and may wither away, never to return if you try transplanting them.

Planting cleomes from seed usually results in a vigorous display of the tall, fragrant cleome spider flower. Newer cultivars, some in dwarf varieties of the cleome plant, have no fragrance and do not produce next year’s flowers as seeds are sterile. Older varieties of the cleome plant are useful as background plants for shorter, sun loving flowers and as stand alone specimens when planting cleomes in masses. Cleome is very easy to grow once established, and may work best from direct-sown seeds. Any ordinary garden soil will work, including dry areas once plants are established. Cleome self-sows with gusto, so if you want to avoid this, remove flower heads before seeds ripen. Excellent for xeriscaping. Annual flowers native to South America.

 Exposure: Full sun or very light shade

Zone: 3-10

Timing: Start indoors from mid-February to late March for transplanting (or direct sow) 3-4 weeks after last frost – around late-April. Continue direct sowing outdoors into May. Seeds will sprout in 10-14 days. Starting Sow on the surface of the soil.

If starting indoors, seeds benefit from vernalization: Place seeds on the surface of moistened, sterilized seed starting mix in pots, and place pots in zip-top plastic bags inside the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Then move pots to bottom heat and maintain soil temperature at 21-25°C (70-75°F) until germination. Provide bright light.